SherCon - Gaming Convention

October 21, 2017

Holiday Inn Convention Center

Sheridan, Wyoming


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Convention entry badges now available for reduced price of $9

September 2 - Event tickets go on sale. Convention badge price goes to $12.

October 7 - Deadline to submit events, sponsorships, and program booklet ads.

October 21 - SherCon 2017!

General Info - Convention Badges & Event Tickets

Convention Badge - All attendees require their own badge to enter SherCon, with the exception of those ages 8 and under who must be with a badge-holding adult at all times. Badges become available to purchase at the reduced cost of $9 starting August 5th, and increase to $12 on September 2nd. Convention badges can also be purchased at the door on-site.

Event Tickets - Most events require tickets to participate. The base cost of a ticketed event is $2 for every 2 hours or fraction thereof. (For example, both a 1 hr event and a 2 hr event would cost $2 each, while a 3 hour event would cost $4.) Some events may have a higher cost. Events have limited openings, so advance purchase of tickets is suggested to guarantee a seat. Event tickets go on sale September 2, 2017 at noon (Mountain).

Generic Tickets - Generic tickets cost $2 each. An appropriate value of generic tickets can be used to join an event about to start if there is room. If an event you're interested in is full, consider getting enough generic tickets to cover the cost and go to the event to see if space becomes available. Or if you're unsure what events you want to attend you can get some generic tickets and wander around to see what's open.

Will-Call Pickup - Badges and tickets purchased online can be picked up on site the day of the con. You will need to present a valid ID that matches the name on the card used to make the purchase. We recommend arriving at least half an hour before your first event starts, to give yourself time to check in and find where you need to go.

Tax Notice - As a convenience to convention attendees and to facilitate cash transactions, prices already include Wyoming state and Sheridan county sales taxes totaling 6%. The pre-tax costs are $11.32 per entry badge ($8.49 at discount) and $1.89 (or multiple thereof) per event ticket or generic ticket. Contact us for tax-exempt transactions.

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