Maze Rats RPG

Maze Rats RPG


2 hours. 2-5 players. Ages 10+

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Maze Rats is a minimalistic RPG and sandbox toolkit for old-school-style adventuring. It contains a single, compact page of rules, a one-page character creation guide, a hand-drawn character sheet, and eight pages of random tables to assist in running open-world games.

In this session we'll be playing a one-shot, quick and dirty medieval fantasy romp! Through an unfortunate misunderstanding, your characters have been arrested and charged with treason against the brutal Lord Garrison. Escape your doom and see what adventure can be found along the way!

Maze Rats is a rather unforgiving world. Character death should be expected! But thanks to the quick and bare-bones rules, you can quickly roll up a new character and jump right back into the game.