Host an Event

We will start looking for people to run events early in 2018, in anticipation of Sher Con 2018 being held in the fall of that year. In the mean time, here is some general information on what hosting an event may entail. (Subject to change at this time.)

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In general, all you might need to do is suggest a game or other activity you'd like to host. More popular or newer games are a bit more likely to be approved for inclusion in the official schedule, but we also want an interesting variety of stuff for attendees to do so please suggest anything that strikes your fancy.

If you don't have a copy of the game you have in mind, Sher Con might be able to loan a copy to you. (Ahead of time if need be, to give yourself time to learn or refresh your memory of it).

We are also in need of volunteers to help supervise the game library and anime room, and/or assist in setup or teardown.

Create an Event

Approval of an event proposal will depend on appropriateness to the venue, available space, the collection of events already approved, and other factors. Whether a game, panel, show, or something else, once we start accepting proposals just fill in the form and send it in.

  • Cost to You as an Event Organizer
    • Although you don't need to buy tickets to events you are running, you do need to have a convention badge like every other convention attendee. But badge reimbursement may be possible; see below.
    • Tables and chairs can be provided. Table sizes include 6' diameter round, 6' long , and 8' long. (The long tables are 2.5' wide.) Power outlets may be available.
    • Any additional equipment must be supplied by you, or rented from the convention center. Fees may be required for rented equipment, which would be your responsibility. You can raise the price of tickets to your event to help compensate you for such expenses.
    • Sher Con's expenses (primarily renting the convention space) are only partially covered by convention badge sales. A significant portion are also covered by attendees buying tickets to your event. So if you want your event to be free to attend, you may need to help cover the cost of the space. However, if your event can accommodate many attendees at once (such as a panel, a show, or other theater-like arrangement) and therefore would contribute significantly to the overall quality of the convention, then Sher Con may be interested in allowing the event to be free without any financial assistance required.
  • Cost to Players
    • Unless your event is free, attendees pay a base cost of $2 per 2 hours (or fraction thereof). For example, 1 hr and 2 hr events both cost $2, while 3 hr and 4 hr events cost $4 each, and so on.
    • You can request your event be priced higher than the base cost, in increments of $2, and have the amount above base cost passed on to you. For example, if you run a 2 hour live-action roleplaying event and charge $8 per ticket, you would receive $6 per ticket collected. This can help compensate you for the expense of running an elaborate event. (Actually, you'd only receive about $5.48 per ticket in this example, since the price includes bank transaction fees and sales tax.)
  • Badge Reimbursement
    • If you collect and turn in at least $24 worth of tickets from players, you will be reimbursed the cost of your convention badge.
    • Outside of running events, each hour of non-game volunteer work you provide at the con (supervising the game library, anime room, helping setup or teardown, etc.) will be considered equivalent to collecting $6 worth of player tickets towards badge reimbursement.
  • Payment Distribution
    • You only receive credit for tickets from people actually attending your event. Tickets purchased for your event but unused don't count. However no-shows and unsold event seats can be filled with generic ticket users.
    • Payments may be subject to a 5% administrative fee, and will be distributed within a week of submitting your collected tickets (if not immediately at the con).

New Event Proposal