Host an Event

We are currently looking for people to run the following events. Whether you can run multiple sessions or just one, we'd be very glad for your help in any case! Check back on this page occasionally, as the below list may be updated from time to time. For RPG's, you should be very comfortable with the system and be experienced as a GM. For other games, tons of experience isn't necessary, but it's best if you're at least somewhat familiar with the rules.

canstockphoto5296053 - PAID - Tawng.jpg
  • Thunder Alley (2 hr)
  • Twilight Struggle (2 hr and/or 4 hr sessions)
  • Catan (2 hr)
  • Pandemic (2 hr)
  • Scythe (2 hr)
  • Two Rooms and a BOOM (1 hr)

We are also in need for volunteers to supervise the anime screening room and the game library. Even 1 hour of volunteering helps!

Create an Event

If none of the above strike your fancy, propose your own event! Approval will depend on appropriateness to the venue, available space, the collection of events already approved, and other factors. The earlier you can commit, the better. Whether a game, show, panel, or something more elaborate, just fill out the form below and we'll get back with you.

  • Cost to Event Organizers
    • Everyone running the event needs to have a convention badge. (But reimbursement is possible; see below.)
    • Tables and chairs can be provided. Table sizes available include 6' round, 6' long , and 8' long.
    • Any additional equipment must be supplied by you, or rented from the convention center. Fees may be required for rented equipment, which would be your responsibility.
    • The cost of renting the convention space is covered by attendees buying tickets to your event. So if you want your event to be free to attend, you will likely need to help cover the cost of the space.
  • Cost to Players
    • Unless your event is free, attendees pay a base cost of $2 per 2 hours (or fraction thereof).
    • You can request your event be priced higher, in increments of $2, and have the excess passed on to you. For example, if you run a 2-hour live-action roleplaying event and charge $8 per ticket, you would receive $6 per ticket collected. This can help compensate you for the expense of running an elaborate event.
    • You'll only receive payment for tickets collected from people actually attending your event. Tickets purchased for your event but unused don't count. But no-shows can be replaced with generic ticket users.
    • Payments are subject to a 5% administrative fee, and will generally be distributed to you within a week of submitting your collected tickets.
  • Badge Reimbursement
    • If you run at least 24 "player hours" worth of events, you may request to be reimbursed for the cost of your convention badge. (For example, running 3 game sessions lasting 2 hours each with 4 players at each session would be a total of 24 player hours.)
    • You'll only receive credit for tickets collected from people actually attending your events. Tickets purchased for your event but unused don't count. But no-shows can be replaced with generic ticket users.
    • Reimbursements will generally be distributed within a week of submitting your collected tickets.
    • Each 1 hour of volunteer work counts as 6 player hours towards badge reimbursement. Therefore 4 hours of volunteer work is sufficient to obtain reimbursement.

New Event Proposal

Event Organizer's Name *
Event Organizer's Name
e.g. "Dominion deck-building game" or "boffer sword construction seminar" or "game designer panel" etc.
If you wish to charge attendees for your event, how much are you requesting? This is primarily meant to help compensate you for expenses related to running your event, and should not be abused as a way to "make money". Please use multiples of $2. Leave blank if you don't need any reimbursement.
Most events do best as 1 or 2 hour sessions. 3-4 hours may be appropriate for some events (e.g., wargames, RPGs). Sessions longer than 4 hours are possible, but discouraged. Any setup or teardown for your event needs to be done within this session time.
Coming from out of town and can't start too early or stay too late? Really want to attend another event and don't want one of yours overlapping it? Let us know.
How many tables and chairs will you need, and of what size? (6' round, 6' long, and 8' long tables are available). If you would need other gear or resources, mention those as well (e.g., power outlets, A/V equipment, extra square footage).
Please provide any other information you feel is relevant at this time.