Cost: $100, or $200 worth of products or services, or combination.

Sponsorship is non-exclusive. By becoming a sponsor of Sher Con 2018, you will receive the below benefits. Abstaining from utilizing one or more benefits does not reduce the required contribution.

  1. Your company logo on our sponsor banner (logo size and placement determined by us, but logo will be up to 1.75 ft tall and 3 ft long) prominently displayed during the convention.
  2. A full-page interior ad in our greyscale 8.5"x5.5" convention program booklet, provided to all attendees.
  3. Your company logo on all fliers, posters, and other promotional materials for Sher Con.
  4. Your company name, logo, and link displayed on the Sher Con website and the Sher Con Facebook page (@shercongaming).
  5. Your company will be named as a sponsor in all advertising for Sher Con, and throughout the convention itself.
  6. Any "swag" your company may wish to provide (e.g. fliers, coupons, promotional gifts, etc.) will be distributed to attendees.
  7. Your company will receive up to five (5) free convention badges.
  8. Your company may claim an initial 10' x 10' exhibitor space for free, and additional exhibition space can be claimed at a 50% discount. Special equipment rentals (pipe and drape background, AV equipment, etc.) are not discounted.

In general, only products or services relevant to the theme of Sher Con, or usable by Sher Con (e.g. advertising, printing, equipment use) will be accepted in lieu of cash sponsorship. Products received will be used as prizes or placed into the library for use by convention attendees.

Please email us if you wish to discuss sponsorship: contact@shercongaming.com